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WOMAN: A Letter With Your Name On It

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

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I've watched you grow. I've seen you weather several storms with your head up and shoulders held high. I've seen you broken; been with you when you were excited and winning.


I've watched you choose perceived weakness against all odds where necessary, I watched you swallow the hard pills with, and without complaints. I've seen you rise up in strength when all you really wanted to do, was throw in the towel.


WOMAN, it's a new season, a fresh journey into another layer of "womanhood". Every phase has its fright; physically, emotionally and in all wise of your thoughts. I know. I just want you to know this, even if you don't have it covered, even if you have the most little clue, if your heart beats everyday as though it's ripping from it's cage, yes I know your worse fear might be somewhere in the package but listen, we have come a long way and you don't have to have it all figured out when I already do(Jer. 29:11).


Walk with me WOMAN and let's give #GRACE a face yet again. I am right here with you, you will go through it, but my grace is sufficient for you. Yes, I can see the "deep", but I have built you bridges. Woman, walk with me. Grace has a face, and it's yours.


Letter from the Divine to You, and every strong woman around you, taking one leap of faith or the other this season, don't be scared, let's take this jump together. His grace is sufficient for us.


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