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Simple Pleasures: Mental Health

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Have you experienced that feeling, when you take your time to take a pee without a need to rush or force it?

Paint the picture of your either standing, squatting or sitting on a water closet, slowly and carefully... one of those pee moments that are not so forceful, sit, let it out as gradually as it comes, relax let the water flow, feel the moment… relish every second… close your eyes and enjoy it. As it gets to the end of your session, relax eve more, this is point it gets sweeter, don’t force it out no matter how pressed you are to, let every drop come out on its it own, allow yourself drip those last drops, don’t stand in a hurry… take a second or two to relish the final moments… breathe a sigh of relief, open your eyes and smile, say thank you God, appreciate the gift of life.

Life can be crazy, yes, but put all that aside for a minute and live in every moment. Enjoy the little breeze that blows across your face, the fresh smell of a dry wet earth after rain, the soft palm of a baby wrapped around your finger, the innocent smile of that little child waving at you, let the vibration of that beautiful soulful music resonate through your body and give you a cause to smile.


There are reasons daily to smile and be grateful. Even on worse days, at least your toilet moment is yours and your alone. Don’t be so critical and hard on yourself every time, let go and enjoy this moment. Remember, no human sees in the dark, let joy brighten your day, allow peace envelop you and you will find out …it’s not that deep... usually not as bad as it presents itself...


Relax, take a pee, be thankful and Smile with me.

With a refreshed soul and clear mind, pick it up again and see the difference.


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